Q1 2020 Shareholder Update

Hello ATD Shareholders!

How quickly the world changed throughout the beginning of 2020. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy.

Sending an update on how things are going with the business, as a follow-up to our last email. 

Key KPI’s for Q1:

Users on site per day (DAU)
Average time spent on site
Q1 Adsense Revenue 
Q1 Private Advertiser Revenue
Paid campaigns with Whole Foods, Uber Eats, Netflix, Tesla
Q1 Q&A Revenue
Average Monthly Burn
Largely marketing spend and private contractors, no salaries are being taken 
Cash Runway
Unlimited since operating at break-even right now

Covid-19 Impact

While the rest of the economy has shut down, ATD is in the extreme fortune position of seeing a surge in traffic. With a reduced burn and increased revenue from advertising partners, we feel we are in a strong position to elevate the Ask The Doctor brand as the world recovers from this global pandemic.

Q1 2020 Updates


While our intent was to move away from telemedicine, we have been drawn back into it given the Covid crisis. In fact I had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team in early March to discuss ways in which ATD could help alleviate the burden on the public healthcare system.

As a result ATD is now sending any incoming telemedicine leads to one of Dr. Suneel Sharman (an ATD shareholder), Tia, Maple, Appletree. We triage approximately 100 Ontario patients per day, however we’re also receiving leads from other provinces and U.S. States and are working to setup more affiliate partners.

OHIP has introduced a billing code and is reimbursing between $24 - $37 / call, and ATD is taking between a $2.50 - $5 cut per lead. Upon sending the lead ATD feels it is losing the patient as a customer, as clinics continue interacting with them directly. Unfortunately the barrier to entry in telemedicine has become very low. As a result ATD is experimenting with the use of tokens (see below) to generate loyalty. 


ATD remains focused on being a media company and has put more energy into its social channels to increase its Google search ranking and drive more traffic (social media has become a very strong signal for SEO rankings). We recently launched an Instagram Live show hosted by former CTV news anchor Dana Levenson, interviewing knowledge experts on how to keep our minds and bodies healthy during the Covid-19 crisis. The goal is to continue producing this even in the aftermath of Covid-19 as a daily health & wellness show.


We have shut the basic Q&A functionality during the time of Covid-19 as a majority of incoming requests are related to Covid itself and most provinces are covering telemedicine spend (hence why we are simply triaging patients to telemedicine partners).

Ask The Doctor Foundation

At the onset of Covid-19 ATD launched a Go Fund Me campaign and successfully raised $2,100 USD. So far the funds have been spent on purchasing 150 high-end PPE face shields, which have been delivered to a handful of hospitals across Canada.

We were also fortunate enough to have several high-end Toronto restaurants donate meals which we dropped off to frontline workers. 

ATD Cryptocurrency

Due to the negative impact Covid-19 has had on the cryptocurrency market, we had no choice but to table the launch of ATD’s token on the Binance exchange until the markets stabilize. 

That being said, we are testing the utility of the ATD token this quarter, by offering token rewards to anyone that engages with ATD. Our goal for next quarter is to begin working on an online store where the token can be redeemed for health and wellness goods / services.

Some Unfortunate News

It has come to our attention that a small group of investors took part in an organized Zoom call to discuss matters pertaining to ATD. Concerns were raised about the startup pivoting, and about the business not sending out financials in a timely manner.

On the financials, please note these will be distributed prior to the below noted AGM.

That said, there was an inordinate amount of misinformation spread amongst investors pertaining to: Former ATD members, share certificates and how they are processed, the extent of influencer involvement, amongst other things. If any other investors are interested in a full video digest of the call, the emails leading up to it, or evidence of any of the misinformed allegations, please contact me directly. It is important these matters be shared and cleared up immediately as many false statements were made and I was directly defamed. Our lawyers’ and other major shareholders’ concern is this will impact the future of ATD for all parties involved, so we are doing everything necessary to get in front of this.

Annual General Meeting

We will hold an investor update meeting on May 29th at 1PM EST so please mark your calendars. An invite will be circulated shortly. 

Other News:

We’ve had a few parties reach out about acquiring the company, and one interested in taking the company public through a reverse takeover. The LOI was not to our liking and therefore tabled, but we are always open to having these types of conversations.

A former NBA star who does a lot of work with hospitals in Africa is speaking with ATD about possibly becoming involved. We will keep you posted as conversations progress.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me directly at prakash@askthedoctor.com or text me at (647) 982-4175.

We are always looking for any help, guidance, feedback you all can provide. Looking forward to an exciting rest of 2020. And please, stay safe.


Prakash Chand
CEO ATD Health Network Inc.

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